TSSC operations, interactions and transactions are strictly governed by the set of core values, the basis on which the organization was founded. The roles and responsibilities for the employees are defined to adhere to these values at every stage of operation.

TRUST: Being the trusted partner of customers, consulting engineers, architects, planners, suppliers, subcontractors and associates directly linked to the company. Achieved by consistently honoring commitments and providing unparalleled customer service.

INTEGRITY: Work in an environment of total trust means the ability to deliver what is promised.

COMMITMENT: Passionate belief that through admirable performance, foremost results for both clients and the company are guaranteed.

PROFESSIONALISM: Setting the uppermost professional standards in order to achieve them through rigorous, disciplined and efficient practices in business and work processes.

PERFORMANCE: High level of performance is one of the most critical success factors central to any company’s operations. It enables continuous improvement while moving towards achieving the corporate vision.